Saturday, July 28, 2012

Product Improvement Contest Winners Get Paid For Ideas

Get Paid For Your Ideas
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Well, the results are in for the youZingit Product Improvement Contest.  With hundreds of entries submitted, One Winner, three Runners-Up and five Honorable Mentions were selected. The Winner won $250 and the three Runners-Up won $25 each.  Not a bad way to get paid for ideas.

The premise of the contest was simple.  Pick any product and tell us how you would change it to make it better.  Entries could include graphics, photos, diagrams or video to illustrate how the product would be changed.  The great success of this contest illustrates how valuable the online creative community can be when it comes to Co-Creating value with company brands.  youZingit aims to  make this a big part of of its upcoming website platform, allowing users to respond to idea requests and sell ideas to companies.

Be sure to click on the caption above or below to view the Winning Entries and Honorable Mentions from the contest.  Visit the youZingit Facebook Page to stay up to date with the information and additional youZingit contests while the full website is being completed.  Also sign up for our mailing list on Facebook or by visiting the youZingit website and submitting your email address so you can be notified the of the day our our full website launch.  Get ready to get paid for ideas on!

One of the youZingit contest winners

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